Poisonous or Venomous?

I’m always getting it wrong. Poisonous is when you eat/touch and get poisoned from the toxins. And Venomous is when the insect for example delivers the toxin directly into you via a sting or spray whatever.

So Poison Ivy, technically is more of a Venom Ivy. Unless you eat her out. Tsk tsk, you Dirty DC people.

Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley
Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley

Alphonse Elric

This guy is always being misunderstood for being a robot by people who don’t watch the anime/read the manga (or don’t bother to). He is actually the brother of Edward Elric the actual Full Metal Alchemist.

Decided to play with sizes a bit more, and this time put in some speech to add some emotions to the doodles.

So can you guess who this armor clad alchemist is fighting (or rather, looking at?)


Anyone miss Ryu from Street Fighter?

Street Fighter has been one of the first few games that I have fallen in love with apart from many other games. And with it one of my long time favourite character, Ryu. I even have a t-shirt that I bought with Ryu on it from Bangkok a few years ago.

So there, Ryu versus Goku. Who do you think will win this crazy match. And the move was Hadouken.

Travelled a little to take this photo from the Serangoon River.


10 episodes for one attack

Ever wondered why those Dragon Ball fights took at least 5-10 episodes for one attack? I sure as hell didn’t get it, but I think one blogger got it right, read it somewhere on Facebook a few years back.

A really cool theory, that because Goku and the guys train with so much gravity, 20g 100g until they fight faster beyond what a normal human can perceive. So, the idea is that we are actually watching the episodes in slow motion so that we can see them fight and the reason for the draggy episodes. LOL interesting theory.

So here’s a Kamekameha for you.

Kamekameha vs what
Kamekameha vs what

Can you recognise what is the other attack?

Kame – Kame – HA


Today’s post. Goku, another titan fighting in plain sight in Singapore.

LOL, and I just found out that the new iOs 9’s Emoji has the middle finger and unicorn in it. Oh man, wanted to do that. Oh wells. Time really doesn’t wait for anyone.

Can you guess where the battlefield is this time? And who is he fighting?

What's Goku's full name
What’s Goku’s full name